Friday, January 7, 2011

So much to many kind people…so much hope toward ending the hunt☺

I'm working with at least five groups of people this weekend.

First, there is a group of people highly focused on love--involved with loving and respectful ways of working with all players in the dolphin hunt drama. This includes Joe Noonan with Planetary Partners, coming to Taiji for the first time to lead a water healing ceremony on Sunday Jan 9th, 2011 at noon:-)

Second, several Japanese people have come forward to offer assistance and advice. Hiro, a Japanese lawyer, is helping to advise western activists on legal issues. His advice has settled all legal questions at this time. Discussion is intense--all of us take the dolphin issues very seriously. May we all work professionally!

Third, I'm working with another organization from the States coming to Tokyo. This organization gets has received easier access to decision makers in Tokyo because Sea Shepherd is making things so uncomfortable for the Japanese in the Southern Ocean and in Taiji.

Fourth, I'm working with the group coalescing around Ady Gil called Eyes on Taiji, which includes Ady's first trip to Japan today. I saw them in Kyoto yesterday along with Hiro Masaka, Kumiko and Ayumi. A good ratio: this is the first meeting I have been in on this issue where the Japanese out number the western activists.

Fifth, I'm working with dear friends at Sea Shepherd, Eyes on Taiji, and other groups and people, all sacrificing much to be in Taiji. I have the utmost respect for the people who have come so far to shine light for the dolphins.

Finally, I feel this more than ever--we need people to make friends in Taiji because the hurdle is the fact that people in Taiji are stopping change. We need to work with them in a way to make change possible. Further we need all of the individuals and groups supporting an end of the dolphin hunt to work together with care.

I am supported with advice from numerous wonderful people especially my wife and daughter and also Mark Bamberry from the Taiji Dolphin Action Group. I see the groups to be numerous and dealing with issues that make working together challenging. I keep telling myself it's for the dolphins, but the more I work in this the more it seems the dolphins are giving us a chance to learn to work together.

For the dolphins and for us,
TDAG Co-Founder


  1. Wow, Steven! You are busy, my friend! Just know that WE(FB friends and others)are all here to support the efforts you guys are putting into all of this! We are emailing the embassies and calling, signing many petitions, and as you stated "Working together"! That is the ONLY way that this situation will be resolved! Thanks for keeping us posted on your blog! Good luck...Namaste! Ariel

  2. As always I look to your group for leadership on this many committed passionate people that are working hard to see an end to this tragedy in our lifetime.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Jackie Bigford
    For the Love of Dolphins (link below)