Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taiji 18/01/2010

From our good friend Kerry O'Brien in Taiji

Kerry with Jeff and Cochang. Positive change for Taiji
I could not write yesterday after the slaughter of 40 or so beautiful Striped Dolphins. I stood on the hill alone for quite a while (many have gone home this week), as Dolphins were yet again driven into the cove, feeling absolutely heart sick, praying and begging the universe to somehow step in and set them all free. Part of the pod did break away at the head of the harbour, and for this I am very thankful. At least some of their family are free and will carry on their genes , they are not lost forever. However I carry around with me the horrific memory of yesterday and It makes me even more resolved to carry on my work when I leave here tomorrow. I have learnt so much and what I came here for has exceeded my expectations. I now have an understanding of life here and no matter what, I care about the people , who have always been polite and hospitable towards me. I have engaged as many as possible in respectful conversation, even if it is just a polite good morning. I have met with Jeff Pantukhoff , dignitaries and professors, High Priests and Aquarium owners. Jeff is doing amazing and inspiring work to gain greater knowledge, understanding and problem solving here. It is not for me to discuss at this point, but take great heart every-one, I certainly have. There is a way through this for the good of all, and I will work with Jeff and other committed and dedicated people to achieve this. Everyone here during my stay from all groups have had their part to play here and all in a positive and respectful manner, for which I am thankful! There is no room here for anything other.
Praying now for a peaceful day, please join me and thank you so much for all your support. It is invaluable.

With Love, Kerry xxx

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