Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taiji 19/01/2011

Our friend Kerry writes about her final day in Taiji ~ Thank you Kerry for being a wonderful representative for the dolphins.

Dear wee souls in Taiji Whale museum. Forever in my heart.
I could not have wished for a more wonderful last day in Taiji. I woke and went down to Taiji early. All boats were out and the sick twisted feeling in my stomach kicked in. Friends and I stood at the lookout point for 3 hours watching the banger boats way down south of Taiji. About half way through the morning they seemed to have a pod. We could see them line up in their dreaded military formation. Here we go I thought. Something very strange happened over the next half an hour, as the banger boats moved far out from south position to 45 degrees opposite the harbour (still a way out), they appeared to be followed by 4 ships that were out there. The ships actually were moving around with the banger boats and interfering obviously with the hunt.  Friends who have been coming here for several years to document the Dolphin killings were as astonished as I. This had not been noted before. The pod obviously lost, the Fishermen gave up their hunt to return to Taiji harbour. Oh Joy! I was left wondering about the international ships out at sea. Perhaps our news and cause is finally getting out there.
Dancing for Dolphins!
Who knows who is on those ships. Perhaps they are Australians, Americans, Europeans or Japanese people who abhor the hunting of Dolphins? I can but speculate, but It was a wonderful sight to behold! We returned to the hotel in jubilant spirits. The last week had been very hard for us all and the 40 Striped Dolphins taken the day before had broken all our hearts. A call came from Tokyo that all our footage from the past few days was needed. Ric O'Barry was in Tokyo along with Jeff and others. The press were meeting them to report on the Sting concert and the events of the past few days at the Cove. All very encouraging news for all. 148 newspapers around the world overnight have reported Sting's comments in Tokyo last night.
I feel as I pack to leave Japan today that much has happened in the past 2 weeks. I also feel cautious optimism for all here in Taiji and for the world's beloved Dolphins. A shift has definitely occurred and hope is in the air. All the dear people who have worked hard for positive change in Taiji, can see a glimpse of what freedom and peace could be.
I return home today with much to do for my family and our cause. I also return home a more enriched and and thankful woman. My experience here in Japan has exceeded all my hopes and  my prayers are beginning to be answered, and I am truly humbled by my experiences.
God Bless all the people in Japan, all Dolphins past present and future and all of you my brave and wonderful friends.

For the Oceans. Kerry. xxx


  1. I sure hope the boats were there to protect and study the Dolphins and the effect the hunting and slaughter are having on these intelligent Dolphin's and whales,whom belong only to the oceans

  2. Lets hope for more interfering boats out their every day. It is the only way.

  3. Thanks for all that you are doing in Taiji.