Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taiji 15/01/2011

Kerry during a huge whale stranding in
NZ last sept...Maui was her patient ;) ♥
The Boats stayed in harbour this day. I drove to the harbour with a feeling this would be so, and wanted to go to the lookout point to scan the open sea and meditate and send love and healing to the sea, the land and pray for all Cetaceans. I met with a new journalist friend for coffee. Another journalist was present and able to interpret better for us so what we were discussing the past few days allowed my understanding to become even clearer. We discussed the Dolphins on the rocks 2 days earlier. She had been present when I had asked the Taiji council member to Get the fishermen to attend the Dolphins and save them or end their suffering. If you read my previous blog for this day you will get the background on this discussion. My friend said that later a discussion by the Japanese official  I had spoken with had taken place with the fishermen. The fishermen said they could not get to the suffering Dolphins it seems a lot of chaos was going on that morning. I was aware of the chaos, the fishermen behind me on the cliff had been shouting on his cell phone for some time on two occasions, for what ever reason, he was disturbed by what was happening.  The chaos in the cove appeared to be more than usual as well. So, my message was received apparently and noted., which was , If you are going to slaughter Dolphins to please do so as quickly as possible and dont ever leave them to suffer. I also explained again why we all found that day so very upsetting and couldnt hold back my grief when I reiterated the story. They really did not understand our grief I feel, but the two journalists did hear me and seemed to understand my point of view finally.
So what I would like to say is, whatever the truth is here, we must keep the lines of communication open with all people be they fishermen, journalists, police, coastguard or town officials. As I learn more about Japaenese culture I know that force or aggressive expression of our views is stone walled. I believe and I pray , that maybe,just maybe my point got across and so God willing if this situation  happens again , is handled differently. We (and I include myself in this) really cannot judge or react until we have a better understanding of others point of view. When we have judged and criticised all that seems to happen is that great walls of stone go up, and take a long time and a lot of effort to navigate and cross. We must keep talking and we must hear what is said with respect. It takes strength , self control and patience to do this, but do this I will. My love for all Cetaceans is taking me on a personal journey where I have discovered strength, courage, patience , compassion and humbleness I didnt know I possessed. We all have these qualities and we all make our mistakes, I know I have while being here and will again. Whatever it takes to change all life for the better , we can achieve. I believe this with my heart and soul, for our beloved planet all all who live here, be it land or ocean. With love to all. Kerry <3


  1. Thank you Kerry.
    It is a very different culture in Japan. I have been living here for 6 years and have also had to accept that the more you push, the thicker and higher the wall becomes. I really appreciate everything that you are doing in Taiji. Peace.

  2. I know that many Japanese are not bad and that many Japanese do not eat meat or meat of dolphins and whales. But Japan is awakening that hate me, I can not do without Japanese remember the dolphins are killed in Taiji, after all are Japanese who are killing the dolphins in Taiji. Just as the Japanese (police and coastguard) intersect the foreigners in the city as if they were criminals and that is the talk seashepherd, you are being persecuted! It seems that if it continues, nothing changes, dolphins die, the Japanese are not manifestly, foreigners are the bad guys in this story.
    Life is important, the Japanese do not understand this?? will be difficult to understand what is life? proof that everything I write, is the suicide rate for Japanese only have tripled in 2010. The Japanese do not appreciate life, at least a majority!