Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taiji 13th Jan 2011

Kerry O'Brien shares with us the frightful events of January 13th in Taiji where the killers of dolphins took cruelty and a lack of compassion to a whole new level - even for them.

Every day that Dolphins are slaughtered and captured in Taiji is a horrific one. Today, however another unimaginable cruel dimension was added. As fishermen were driving 20 or so striped Dolphins into the cove area for slaughter 4 escaped around the corner and beached themselves onto sharp volcanic rocks. They were trapped , injured , bleeding and frantically fighting for their lives. The horrible twisted feeling in my stomach grew as I waited for fishermen to come in a few metres and get them out....and I waited. No sign of help. They were left there struggling and fighting for their lives. The tiny cove of rocks they were trapped in was filling up with blood fast. For the fiirst time I was praying fishermen would come in and end it for them quickly. 20 mins went and I could bear it no longer. I turned to a Taiji town council member who stood behind me and asked him why the Dolphins were left to struggle and die in this morbid and agonising way. "Why cant your fishermen get in there and end it for them now!!!" I cried to him. He shrugged his shoulders and said "they are fish." when I questioned him further pointing out the horrific cruelty they were suffering he merely said he didnt feel anything for them and that it was obviously a cultural difference. He was polite about his cold and heartless comments. There were two young Norweigan girls filming beside me, in tears as we all were by this time, and for a moment I knew if I suggested we climb down the cliff and at least try to help them they would be with me. I know interferring with fishermens business can mean prison and I knew I could never help another Dolphin again if that was the case. So I stayed and I prayed and spoke to them, desperately hoping they could hear my words, and feel my love. 40 mins went by and a skiff looked like it was coming in with a net. Thank God I thought This is unbearable, please end it now! But No! They changed their minds and went out leaving Dolphins suffering amidst the rocks, drowning or bleeding to death. An old man who looked like a fisherman was shouting from the shore behind us by this time ranting and raving. they did not like us witnessing this horror obviously and were agitated. So why not go in and get the trapped Dolphins out and put them out of their misery!!!
Finally , after nearly an hour when the struggling Dolphins finally were dying, including a juvenille, divers came and dragged the last two out who were barely alive by their tails and we saw them finally drown.  I stood there shaking and feeling colder than I have ever felt before and very very sick.
I went back up there tonight. I had left my scarf  behind when I stumbled down the path to leave. The area felt absolutely horrible and I felt sick again for about an hour. friends checked there were no beached dead Dolphins left there. we could at least do that for them now. None were found.

I woud like us all to remember that earlier today the rest of this Dolphins pod , perhaps another 30 or so had escaped from Taiji Harbour while being driven in. The horror of today means most of us have forgotten this, so i remember it now and I give thanks for that. Please continue your prayers and positive visualisations for Dolphins. It did work today, we just were not to know the horror that awaiting these precious few. RIP Darling Dolphins, we fight on for you and we will never ever forget you. <3


  1. KERRY MY HEART HURTS FOR THE DOLPHINS, FOR YOU AND ALL OTHERS THAT WITNESSED THESE HORRIBLE EVENTS. AS A HUMAN, I feel somewhat guilty that this occurs. I can not imagine how any human can be so heartless, it doesn't make any sense to me at all. I am so sorry for the Dolphins! thank you for sharing and thank you for being strong enough to witness this. Sending my love to the Dolphins, you and the others that are there trying to stop this!

  2. Stay strong and keep up the positive thoughts.

  3. Kerry, My heart breaks for you, for the others in Taiji witnessing these horrific events, and for the dolphins. I can not believe their are people in this world that can be so cruel. I can't believe that there is a country in this world that allows these things to happen in the name of "culture". You are all in my thoughts and in my prayers. Sending all the positive energy I can to you all.

  4. Tears well up in my eyes as I read what you had to share. My heart breaks when I imagine the agonizing slow death for the dolphins. I share your pain and frustration, watching them and yet unable to help them. I sincerely pray and hope that the people responsible for these horrifying massacres get their due in this lifetime. If there is fairness and justice in this world, if there is God, such acts simply cannot go unpunished.

  5. Japan will soon get even with Mother Nature, the country is located on top of a tectonic plate that is in constant motion and has no guarantee of "safe ground". Nature will remember everything, an earthquake will set up the accounts with the Japanese, Japanese want to see the tears hit the ground!