Friday, January 14, 2011

Taiji 14/01/2011

From Kerry O'Brien in Taiji

It's with heavy heart I report another day of slaughter in Taiji. A dear little family of Risso's Dolphins were driven into Taiji early this morning.As they came into the harbour I stood in the bitter wind praying and willing them to escape as others had yesterday. But this was a tiny pod and there were 11 Banger boats in uniform formation clanging their death poles and terrorising them.I stood alone with steely and desperate determination that they would not be driven into the cove, but it was not to be. The sight of the boats in formation is one that fills my heart with dread and makes me feel sickeningly helpless. The sound of the poles clanging as I've heard many a cove guardian say before is one I will never forget. it sounds like a death toll, which is exactly what it is. I stood and watched from our lookout point as Boats drove this small pod in. 11 boats against 10 beautiful Dolphins, one was a calf. The pod was circling the calf continually trying to protect him and every now and then we could see him look up out of the water, trying to look around and seeming desperately confused and frightened. It is the most devestating thing to see the fishermen bring Dolphins closer and closer into the cove with nets. The closer they draw them in the nearer they are to death. 2 Dolphin trainers arrived by skiff and 4 were chosen for captivity.The calf and three others . The other 6 were quickly slaughtered. You might think going to witness this day after day you would be able to cope better. I find it's getting harder. I just wept the whole time and as I write this tears roll down my cheeks and I can't get rid of the sick feeling that lingers in my stomach. So I bear witness for these beautiful Sea Angels who will forever be with me.

With love, Kerry. xxx

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