Monday, October 29, 2012

Passionate Dolphin Activist Susan Mabe...Rests In Peace...October 29, 2012

Join young Susan Mabe for tea
by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
Oct. 30, 2012

A friend of dolphins and a friend of mine passed away today. As an Administrator here on the Taiji Dolphin Action Group, she was instrumental in keeping us a strong independent voice for Taiji dolphins. Her words and thoughts live on in her facebook page.
Passionate and loving woman

I have known Susan Mabe as tough and beautiful, angry and kind, logical and emotional and so connected to Cetaceans and the people involved. Her native American roots she discovered later in life and upscale medical family gave her a spiritual way of living and an analytical mind.

Intense front-line activist

Susan was quick with intelligence and honesty. She has helped me to be a better activist. May we all remember her. I feel she would want us to work hard, keep our facts straight and share our passions.

Thank you Susan for sharing your passions. You have made and will continue to make a difference in my life and the lives of many.


  1. May Susan rest in peace now, and may eternal light shine upon her, and bring her into joy.
    She will be very much missed.

  2. she is with the Angels she fought to protect RIP