Friday, October 12, 2012

Donate Now! Help Dolphin Mel and the Taiji 12 Get Up Again

Give a Helping Hand!

by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
Oct. 12, 2012

What do Dolphin Activists do once they get knocked down?


Urgent! This is a setback. This is the result of the investigation into the accidental statue bending. The seizing of all of this property is police harassment.  Money will fix it.

Donate now!

All 13 Sea Shepherds are having their camera SD cards, computers, and mobile phones confiscated RIGHT now. This is confirmed. I just spoke with Sea Shepherds in the Taiji area. The Taiji police told Mel to expect to be without equipment for up to two weeks, IF it gets returned at all.

Earmark funds for Taiji: The Dolphin Defense Campaign on the Sea Shepherd site. They must be re-supplied. I reckon they need about $4,000usd to keep us and the world aware.

Please post this over and over. Keep it at the top till Taiji Sea Shepherds get on their feet again.

This is the least we can we sit back and watch it least we can donate a little to keep them there.

For the Taiji Dolphins!

Note: I am not a member of Sea Shepherd, but I think they are doing a heck of a good job spreading outside pressure (gaiatsu) awareness to end the dolphin hunt. Please support the individuals using their own funds to get involved. Please support Japanese activist when you find them. They are ones who will end this. They are the ones who will create an alternative.


  1. But... they haven't done anything wrong! In fact, they're doing everything to try and make it right! Stay strong guardians <3

  2. I know that you cooperate, but this is a Sea Shepherd campaign that is affected. They are collecting donations to solve their problem, and they figure about $4000.000 will cover the equipment needed.