Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A new way to spread awareness about Taiji?

Hi all :-) I've been doing some thinking about more ways to spread awareness in our own Towns, States and possibly to Japan. My thought was what if we contact all of the Japanese restaurants either by asking to hang flyers, email them or post on Facebook pages (politely of course) I have recently posted on a few Fb pages of Japanese restaurants and two of them liked the post and kept it up on their page, I also tweeted a local restaurant owner and he Re-tweeted! Not a miracle but still it does help with spreading awareness. Basically I just mentioned The Dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan, if they have any relatives in Japan to please warn them of Mercury poisoning in the meat (just in case) and how they kill thousands yearly for no reason, their only crime? eating the fish, just swimming through Taiji ? I also added a video of one of the slaughters to show the extent the Fishermen go to in order to catch and kill these beautiful, sentient beings (that should tug at their heartstrings?) but you can add an article, a picture or whatever you feel will catch their eye. Best bet is finding Restaurants on Facebook and asking them to help us spread awareness of this appalling act, not only are we informing the restaurants but their patrons who like their page as well. By the way, I also mentioned the captivity bit in my posts and asked them to watch "The Cove" This may or may not work but aren't our Dolphin friends worth the effort?

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