Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michael Q Todd: Falsely Arrested at the Cove--Now Free

Sweet Reunion
by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
November, 8, 2012

My friend Michael Q Todd, arrested at the Cove in Sept 16, got out of jail on provisional release yesterday.

His case is looking much better. It's not over...Michael still must appear back in Osaka for two more hearings...but it looks much better and is much easier on him and his supporters to look at his case from the outside.

Thank you for supporting Michael.

It looks like Michael WAS within the law, legally in Japan, when he was arrested. The police jumped the gun on Michael to arrest someone, anyone for any reason like they did with Erwin Vermeulen. The way he was treated so badly and even illegally in Shingu Wakayama by a mean-hearted police officer, is one of the things that has helped Michael get out, yet he paid a heavy penalty: 54 days in jail.  Please take care if you go to Taiji.

For him, his fiancée, myself, and hundreds of supporters, it is a day to celebrate!

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  1. Thank you Steven for your support and helping all of us as we made those 54 days while Michael was in detention. I have told friends about in Los Angeles and they are speechless. Yes it happens, and Japan is not the place to go if you think you want to investigate.