Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep the Taiji Dolphins in Your Prayers

Swimming Free away from Taiji

by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
November 27, 2012 

Are dolphins intelligent? Are dolphins spiritual? To those who those who are ready to give it a try. As you go to sleep or meditate today, please send a psychic message to the dolphin pod members who escaped today:


An entire pod of dolphins ESCAPED certain death today. They outsmarted the most ruthless technologically advanced dolphin murderers on the planet: the Taiji Killers, those who eat dolphins. There was no massacre today.

How do you think the escaped pod feels now? Happy? Exhausted? Did anyone die in the mad rush to escape? Are their hearts beating back to normal? Where will they swim to next?

Many of us sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the #tweet4taiji. We waited and waited...drank a cup a tea...felt like throwing up...not working...not sleeping...knowing the dolphins were swimming a race...a high speed marathon where there can only be one loser. And losing means you watch your friends and family get their throats cut or their spines pithed...blood still filling the water...screams piercing your soul...mothers and babies dragged by their tails, drowned in agony. This is the vision that may await the dolphins if they swim by Taiji.

Please envision the dolphins who escaped today, communicating with other dolphins to stay away from Taiji. Please envision the awareness of the Taiji hunt to spread among all dolphins everywhere. Please share the vision that dolphins must swim under the wall of sound and back out to sea.

Please tell the dolphins that you enough to stay away from Taiji. Taiji is no place for a happy and free dolphin.

Swim fast and free
Away from Taiji 
Under the sound and out to sea
Telling all dolphins is the key.

A big THANK YOU to the volunteers in Taiji today guarding the Cove and monitoring the hunt. Without groups like Sea Shepherd, Save Japan Dolphins, and individual dolphin activists all over the world, we simply wouldn't know.


  1. around the world,
    we made the choice.
    to stand up for
    and be
    their voice

  2. Dolphins can pick up on such telepathic messages. Check out this video about the 8Hz healing sound of Dolphins:
    At 8 HZ frequencies the brain activates extra sensory abilities. So you could also listen to dolphin sounds while sending them such messages. Bet they will receive them :) Listening to music recorded at 432 Hz will do the trick too. It's the natural frequency of our world. Dolphins will respond to that too.

  3. I guys,

    Check the dolphins and whales page at
    a comprehensive catalogue of marine species to sea lovers.