Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing Like a Nice Ass

By Steven Thompson

                                          Dolphin Defenders Taiji 2010

So why is TDAG kissing Sea Shepherd ass?
A: Sea Shepherd needs the love? 
B: TDAG is Sea Shepherd? 
C: Sea Shepherds have nice asses?

The conversation yesterday hit a zenith (or nadir) of name calling between those who love dolphins favoring a less aggressive approach and those who love dolphins favoring an in-your-face, give 'em hell, approach. 

The "you are a banana" and "you slipped on a banana" comments got me laughing out loud. Were you reading at the time? Entertaining at least, helping the dolphins, status unknown. 

Actually TDAG hasn't changed. The TDAG position on groups and individuals is still the same: We will support all legal approaches to end the hunt. Our focus is on the ground in Taiji.

We do attract a wide audience, however. Taiji and Wakayama police are known to frequent our page. Pro-hunt individuals who come out straight are welcomed. Even people I can't stand (very few) are welcome if they are actually looking for solutions. We believe that individuals are the key to ending the hunt. We encourage individual action at a local level. In Japan, we support those with boots on the ground in Taiji. It is not easy to witness and report on this much death of those we love.

What we have on the ground, is Erwin Vermeulen currently iin jail for no other reason than helping dolphins. We have our first bona fide case of Civil Disobedience happening right here, right now, everyday at least until Feb 22nd.

One of our goals is to free Erwin. This is a top priority and that means supporting those in his group very strongly till at least Feb. 22nd and through the trial aftermath. He is the only dolphin activist in the world currently in jail for working to end the dolphin hunt. AND it is obvious to me that he is in on trumped up charges.

 I hope you understand. I hope you stay at TDAG and share your positive thoughts for ending the hunt. I hope all dolphin lovers support Erwin and Sea Shepherd during this very challenging time for the organization itself and for Erwin and his family.

Much love,
TDAG Co-founder


  1. a man of the bigger picture who specializes in finding the balancing point between polar opposites .. Steven will be the teller of the best tales in the end!

  2. I agree with Steven on this! The bickering back and forth was too much for me! Finally, the "Thread" was deleted, thanks to Julie!
    We shouldn't have to keep reminding each other that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! We HAVE TO WORK AS A TEAM!!!!
    We are(or profess to be) adults, so let's act like adults and focus on the DOLPHINS, Please!!!!

  3. D: It has something to do with the tail end of an Australian sheep

  4. I don’t support freeing Erwin… I support letting justice follow its proper course, whether that ends up being his conviction or his freedom. (And if Pete Bethune is any example, the end result will probably be both: a suspended sentence and deportation.)

    In the interest of being totally straight with you, I’ll also say right now that I’m pro-hunt and anti-Sea-Shepherd. I think a self-styled conservation charity should devote its time and energy to conservation, not animal rights or the defense of cute animals.

    1. Thank you anyway for getting involved as you see it, D. McCrash.