Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrate for Erwin and the Dolphins...Tokyo Tomorrow

Scott West and Erwin Vermeulen 2/22/12
By Steven Thompson
February 23, 2012 in Japan

Thank your Dolphin Lovers!

Historic teamwork here. When Sea Shepherds and I were coming out of the court, we were in telephone contact, posting on TDAG and Sea Shepherd sites.  All of us here who care so much and are invested so deeply, shared in the joy and continue to share the happiness. It really was something's ideal for growth, making deeper connections, cross-pollination and hope for ending the hunt.

There will always be a next step, and a next emergency, but now is the time for many to enjoy our success.

This year, I have usually supported in the background, but yesterday, observing the front lines, meeting new people, sparring with reporters. It was fun...then more fun--Party Time!

We enjoyed vegan food in Wakayama City...the ONLY vegan restaurant in Wakayama...if the translator had not been a vegetarian, we would not have been there. We toasted a cup of pirate rum to the freedom of dolphins and to Erwin. Even the lawyer imbibed! I could not have dreamt up better people or a better time. We laughed to irreverent piracy and plans for the future.

Next up, to slowly wrap our minds around, is year-round occupation. There are groups working hard on this. Join in privately if you feel the call. If you want to live in the Taiji area, please contact us.

Next up in my mind, is the Tokyo Press Conference. In 24 hours, Friday, Feb. 24th at 3:00pm. Erwin Vermeulen, Scott West, and the lead attorney, Mr. Iwao Takayama, possibly the best trial lawyer in Japan, will give a press conference in Tokyo at the Foreign Correspondents' Club.

Thank you for loving dolphins, thank you for working together.


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  2. mysteriously compelling love for nature !
    . . i aspire to clean self up and no eat dolphin !!

    1. Thank you Texdig...Please join us on TDAG or message me.!/groups/taijiactiongroup/