Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dolphin Defender's Last Day in Court

BY Steven Thompson

                                                Picture Provided by Pilar Posada
 “If you see a good fight, get in it and fight to win it!” ~Ralph Abernathy's Dad

Erwin Vermeulen will have his last day in court tomorrow, Feb 16th at 10:00am. The Verdict Day, will be Feb 22nd.

This is the time when Erwin's defense team will give their closing arguments for Erwin's release from jail. The prosecution will state their case for encouraging the judge to give Erwin the maximum sentence: 2 years in prison and a fine.

I understood from my conversation with Erwin at the Wakayama Detention Center that he sees himself as a civil AND dolphin rights activist . He seemed happy that the world is watching and that supporters are looking at more ways to do what they do best. 

Let us all do what we do best to end the dolphin hunt.

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