Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Justice in Taiji for Dolphin Defenders

By Steven Thompson
                     Mr. Masayuki Miyoshi Accosting Rosie Kunneke SSCS Photo
                                       Provided by Martyn Stewart

SSCS Update last week...Feb 3rd including the right wing video in Taiji is hard hitting and clearly shows the ground from the activist perspective. There is nothing hidden and there is not much more to it.
 Calling the Wakayama Prefecture Prosecutor’s Office a "joke" is perhaps what sent 10 or more EXTRA prefecture police to Taiji today and seized the radios. It is too bad Sea Shepherd members were not arrested. Mr Masayuki Miyoshi, is the menace to society who attacked Rosie and Tarah. He also smacked the heck out of me.
Video Provided by Steven Thompson


  1. If more dolphin activists get arrested, awareness to end the hunt would spread, I believe.