Thursday, November 4, 2010

Large Pod Trapped in The Cove

Taiji Update Thursday Nov 4, 2010 14:20 JST: We have 18 hours

SSCS Scott West reports that A large pod is now trapped in the Cove. Slaughter is typically scheduled at dawn the next day. This would be about 18 hours from now.

On the phone with Michael Bailey at the Cove, a moment ago: he reports 40-50 smaller bottlenosed/stripped/spotted looking dolphins very agitated, splashing their flukes.

Michael states that the aquarium industry funds the killing through their payment for show dolphins. Michael recommends continuing to look for ways to get through to Japanese people to stop this.

Please demand that the babies and pregnant females and nursing mothers be released like last time, when six juveniles were released on Oct 11th. After this release, for the next two consecutive hunts, both pods initially captured managed to escape.

The principal people from the Nov 2nd Taiji Meeting are all still in Taiji. The Sea Shepherd Campaign in Taiji is committed to applying internal pressure at the Cove and external pressure through consulates and embassies. Whaleman Foundation is committed to ending the hunt from by working within Japan. Please support them.

TDAG is committed to encourage consulate and embassy discussions and demonstrations and protests. We recommend finding solutions by engaging Japanese people. We recommend experimentation. No group or individual has yet found THE way to end this.

With the hunters on October 10th, our demand to save baby dolphins and their mothers got under their skin. Several hunters reacted vocally that, "they don't kill baby dolphins". Yet they did, for the world to see in pictures, on Oct 27th. This is their weak point. Use it!

The Taiji dophin hunters are killing in an unsustainable way, all dolphins except the ones they sell as captives to aquariums, are being killed.

Please mention baby "iruka" (dophins) in your messages. This is the one argument that has legs in Japan. This is one of the few approaches that gets Japanese people thinking.

In the world of civilized nations, no wild animals are being eradicated like the dolphins are being slaughtered in Japan. Even fish have size restrictions. Even during deer hunting season, it is not acceptable to kill baby "bambi" fawns.

Let us start by demanding the protection of pregnant females and their young. And all the while, let's continue to fight like hell to to save all dolphins.

Thank you to the Cove Guardians now in Taiji!

At least may we save the babies and their mothers!

Steven Thompson

TDAG Co-Founder 


  1. Steven I hope they do not kill the babies and mothers but they did last time so I have no hope they will not kill them this time. I'm distressed over this!

  2. I would like to demand the release of these mothers/ babies. Can you please post (again) the links and contact information. Who should we be writing to? Thanks.