Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Christmas Wish: May Dolphin Supporters Work Well Together in Taiji

Dear Friends:

The Taiji Dolphin Action Group is dedicated to ending the hunt in Taiji and supports all people and groups in their legal efforts towards this end.

The next month will be a very delicate time in Taiji. Groups will be coming to work full time. More about these groups will be made clear once they are on the ground.

The disagreements that occur between people, within organizations, and between organizations are inevitable. It keeps us on our toes; it keeps creativity flowing. It is not TDAG's policy to discuss these disagreements publicly or to take sides.

TDAG supports the work of SSCS in Taiji. It is my personal belief and the official TDAG position that going to Taiji as a Cove Guardian and witness to the crimes against one of the most beautiful and intelligent beings in the world is one of the most effective actions you can take.

Working on solutions to this tragedy is now ongoing for many people simply because of their connection to individuals with first hand experience of the Cove.

One of the first actions taken by SSCS members working in Taiji was to ensure that no money was spent in the town of Taiji itself. This means no hotels, no restaurants, not even drink vending machines. Great care was taken so that all Cove Guardians stay and eat in nearby communities that do not support the Taiji dolphin hunt and do not hunt dolphins themselves.

I have heard first hand from restaurant owners how glad they are that Sea Shepherd is working in Taiji. People outside of Taiji have long been opposed to the hunts but had not found a way to oppose them.

Please join me in supporting the SSCS. They are the first organization in the 35 year-old activist involvement in the dolphin hunts to take a daily stand at great personal risk opposing the dolphin hunters.

The more people to visit the Cove during the hunt, the better. The more pictures and videos the better.

The number of people willing to travel so far to bear witness in Taiji issues a strong statement of solidarity for the dolphins. When we Cove Guardians go back to our home countries, we are motivated for life to find solutions to end this horrible and unnecessary carnage.

I encourage everyone who has the resources to go to Taiji. I encourage everyone who has the resources to support SSCS and other groups working to end the dolphin hunt.

I will be returning again at the beginning of December to support SSCS and the Cove Guardians. Please join me if you can.

Steven Thompson
TDAG Co-Founder


  1. Hello Steven,
    I really enjoyed your message and I am fully agreeing with their opinions. I was there this month in Taiji, I will return in December and would like to participate with you in this protest. Still do not know the date you'll be there, but I will again witness the atrocities of the fishermen in Taiji.

  2. Hi Steven.
    Great Blog.
    My husband and I are future Cove guardians. Tickets have been purchased.
    This issue runs real deep with me. And by your blog, you as well.
    Its a absolute horror on earth that this continues.
    I look forward to your blogs, and any info or tips you may have for us would be awsome. Ive started a blog about the issue, and the daily events. Hopefully some awarness will come of it.