Tuesday, April 8, 2014

California Orcas Must Wait!!

They expect us to wait!!

by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
April 8, 2014

Breaking News...Breaking Hearts...California Orcas Must Wait

Orca Bill Hearing today: Orcas get diddly squat.

California Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee Chair Anthony Rendon asked Assemblyman Richard Bloom to send the bill to at least a year in "interim study to the middle of next year" and he agreed.

 Result: Orcas stay in a human designed hell. Outrage!

It appears to me that this decision was predetermined by this committee...Like the change was just too radical for people with the money to deal with.

This gives all people who care, a lot of time to cogitate and talk around and around OR we can act.

I can see why Sea Shepherd is NOT a lobbying organization. 

At least we can leave our thoughts here on the Sea World Page everyday.

At least we can Occupy the Gates of Sea World.

Perhaps there are free-Orca-loving people who would like to work at Sea World in an undercover capacity to do what they can from the inside...

Occupy me

Deep coverage and quotes...twitter references and photos of the hearing at The Dodo

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