Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes Rules Need to Be...

Be the catalyst for what you can
by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
January 21, 2013

Can you feel the tension in the dolphin ethers? 

All these Taiji dolphin murders this week, vegan non-violent activists being denied visas into Japan, corrupt buyers drop meat in the street from their truck as they speed away in haste: the dolphin killing mafia is afraid. 

We are all on the cusp of a full televised whale war in the Southern Oceans. The War is COMING. 

“Life is short, break the rules.”  -Mark Twain

The Rock & Roll world is feeling the change through the eyes of the Chili Peppers. at their concerts. Imagine this band and others coming to Taiji. Hold the vision.

It is those like these Sea Shepherds, ready to enforce where governments fail, who make the difference. May we always live in a time of Sea Shepherds. May we live in a time, where we are all Shepherds of the Sea and laws no longer need to be broken.

A big THANK YOU to the volunteers in Taiji today guarding the Cove and monitoring the hunt. Without groups like Sea Shepherd and individual dolphin activists all over the world, we simply wouldn't know.

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  1. Is not there any check from the government or marines to secure the seas from these intruders? How on earth this large number of hunting boats operating?