Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nederlandse Sea Shepherd-activist blijft in Japanse cel
Dutch Sea Sheapherd activist stays in Japanese cell.

He has to stay in cell for another 10 days.
Japanese authorities did a raid in the hotel where the volunteers of Sea Shepherd stayed. Their laptops, camera’s and gsm’s (cell phones) where confiscated.

Ship-engineer Vermeulen pushed a dolphin hunter when he was entering a path that was open / permitted only for dolphinhunters, say the Japanese authorities.
Vermeulen says he did not use violence but only wanted to take some photographs.

Vermeulen could not speak to his family, he is not allowed to make phonecalls.

The Dutch ministry of foreign affairs declares that Vermeulen is well and also gets a different diet now. “In the beginning he did not eat because he is Vegan” tells his sister.
She says that he denied a local lawyer. Sea Shepheard is searching for a Japanese lawyer with a positive attitude towards protectors of whales and dolphins.

Raid at hotel
In a raid at the hotel where the Sea Shepherd volunteers stayed, their laptops, cameras, cell phones where confiscated. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd organization says: “They were robbed to make sure that they cannot document the horror that happens in Taiji. This is a desperate attempt to stop the freedom of expression and to hide the horrible massacre. More than ever the Cove Guardians need volunteers.“

You can sign a petition that demands immediately release of Erwin Vermeulen here:
Wie de petitie wil ondertekenen die Erwin Vermeulens onmiddellijke vrijlating eist, kan dat hier doen. (lb)

(The online editon of the Belgian “ demorgen.be “ is related to one of the biggest Dutch newspapers in the Netherlands, “De Volkskrant’)

Thanks to Maria Heidemann for assistance with the English translation.


  1. IMHO I think the prosecutor is going to extend Erwin"s detention and try to force a confession.I am glad to see that he has been in touch with the embassy,and hope that SSCS will secure an attorney for him very soon.

  2. The Crimainal Yakuza behavior of the Dolphin Killers must be stood up to by the Dutch Govt. and SSCS ASAP! If this president is allowed to stand,
    it will be a model for all future conduct of the "fishermen" Dolphin Killers!!!