Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Dolphins and Japanese Embassies

We save baby dolphins.

by Steven Thompson, TDAG 
Sept. 7, 2012

The next stage begins.

When the hunt is on and the dolphins haven't been netted yet, I hold a vision of escape: fast, far and free. Some dolphins are bound to escape. May they tell the tale to other dolphins to keep away from Taiji as scientists say they can.

When dolphins get roped into the Cove, it is time for the next stage: make the call to consulates and embassies and the people in charge. Get creative. Visit the embassies...remember the names of the people you talk with or meet with.

With a baby pilot whale in the Cove confirmed, our next step is clear. Please call any Japanese outlet and demand that at least the baby and his mother be saved. Killing a baby or pregnant female, even in a hunt, is murder.

This approach focus was suggested by a Japanese man in Taiji when Ric O'Barry and I showed The Cove in his home to him and his guests. He recommended an emotion approach after seeing the scene of the bloody baby dolphin swimming across the nets to diver Mandy-Rae Cruickshank "Japanese love dolphins; use this love to save them", he said.

Holding the pod overnight is rare now. It is an unusual opportunity. Please make calls every hour for the next 20 hours. Babies are the heart string. Play it!

Ask if there are any pregnant females. If Embassy officials don't know the answer, ask them to find out, you'll call back. Give them the numbers of the Mayor and the Taiji union in charge of the hunt. Give them the names.

Mayor SANGEN ,
Kazutaka Taiji Town Hall
Call: 073-559-2335
Fax: 073-559-2801

Mr. MATSUMOTO, Shuichi, President and
Mr. Shimetani (Private Space) Kazutoyo, Chief Butcher
Taiji Isana Union
Call: 073-559-2340
Fax: 073-559-2821
                                   (Add 81 for Int'l and drop the first zero)

Some may question the survivability of baby dolphins, and their mothers, pregnant females, and perhaps a few males. Dolphin scientist Diana Reiss told me that it is by no means certain that they will die. It is more possible that they will contact other dolphins and warn them! Baby dolphins have been released before with other remaining members of their pod when the pressure was on. Let's apply pressure any way we can!

Dolphin lovers, please place contact lists in the replies section in this document. Thank you.
For the baby dolphins and for all humanity!


  1. Please help the dolphin and his baby and save them!


    1. Good places to go: Thanks to a group called: STOP Killing Whales and Dolphins!/STOPKillingCetaceans/events

      Frustrated by the killing? A few things you can do:

      You may not be able to be in Taiji but there ARE things that you can do thanks to Skype, email, faxes and good 'ol snail mail.

      Many, many active people, groups, 'arm chair activists' (those sharing a LOT of information and resources from their computers and using skype to call), individuals and organisations, CHOOSING to be ACTIVE in expressing their disgust as dolphins and pilot whales continue to be slaughtered in Japan (and other countries).

      - PLEASE join us all in doing 'whatever you can', 'whenever you can' over these next months...continued pressure is critical.

      The 'killing season' continues through to April and many, many dolphins and pilot whales will be brutally killed or sold into a life of captivity throughout this time.

      - "ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and each of us is that ONE person" (E.O.)

      - tell a friend, share information and resources when you can, and remember to keep yourself sane through this time. The images you will see are terrible, the sounds stick in your memory, and the tears are ones of great sadness and grief...

      so PLEASE remember to step away from the computer, go for a walk, hug your family, hug your dog or cat, hug a tree.. do whatever it takes to 'take a break' and to remind yourself of the things that you CAN do when it all becomes too much.

      - "ONE small step, taken by many CAN make a difference!!" - E.O.

      - there are some links and resources below... please share them and use them when you can :)


      - we are all in a position to express our concerns about the continued slaughters of cetaceans (whales, dolphins & porpoises).

      ** Are there really enough of them in the world to continue killing these beautiful and critical creatures??


      A FEW THINGS that you CAN do to help:

      - we can write to many organisations, individuals and governments (some listed below) to encourage the Japanese government to focus their attention and funds on rebuilding their country and helping the devastated and desperate areas, people and animals.

      - The number of people, pages and campaigns have increased over the last 2 years and there is a LOT of information available for everyone to share.

      - The overall ambition of each is hopefully the same as ours - to help the many other organisations fighting for the same outcome - an end to cetacean slaughters.

      Not only does it remain unsustainable, it is also dangerous for people to consume whale/dolphin meat. Feeding it to children is just insane, as is the claim that it is for 'research'... as we all know :)

      Please remember to be as polite as you can when making contact.

      None of us respond very well to people yelling or swearing at us, and the poor souls taking the calls at the Embassies/Consulates are valuable to all of us. Those of us who do call on a regular basis have found that the 'bees with honey' approach is better, although often VERY difficult when furious ... :)

      Hopefully the following information remains helpful because "small steps taken by many CAN make a difference" :)

      Please feel free to share your letters, words of advice to those who have not done this before, and whatever you feel might be helpful.

      with many thanks to all xxx

      P.S. offers VERY low rate calls for overseas numbers, and is free to download and set up, for those who are not already living on it :)


    2. ******
      (Embassy/consulate list with Ambassadors names link is below)


      Prime Minister Naoto Kan Cabinet Office,
      Government of Japan 1-6-1 Nagatacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 100-8914 JAPAN

      Ph: +81-3-5253-2111 E-mail:
      Online comment form #1:
      Online comment form #2:


      MINISTER OF FISHERIES 1-2-1 Ksumigaseki Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 100-8950 JAPAN
      Tel:+81-3-5510-3303 (direct) or 3-3502-8111
      Fax: +81-3-3502-8220 or +81-3-3502-0794

      for the fisheries - do not e-mail as it will bounce back instead try here - copy and paste your letter into the opinion space and click send:

      Fisheries Agency (whaling group Reps)

      Far Seas Fisheries Division of Resource Management and personnel:
      Tel: +81 -3502 -8111 whaling group representatives (ext 6724)

      Dial: +81 -3502 -2443

      Send a fax to:
      FAX :03-3591-5824


      Tel: +81.735.59.3517 Fax: +81 735 59 3018 Email:



      ATT: Kawase, Yoshino and Tokura
      1-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku,
      Tokyo 100-8907
      Tel: +81-3-3502-8111 ext. 7057 and 7058 OR: +81-3-3591-5613 ( direct) Fax: +81-3-3502-8220


      Perhaps, contact the White House USA by using the 'contact form' to ask for their help:

      EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN WASHINGTON D.C. Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki 2520 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington D.C. 20008-2869

      Tel: (202) 238-6700, Fax: 202-328-2187 E-mail:

      (see below for connection to global list of embassies/consulates)


      You can flood the (WAZA) with a message to police their own industry.


      The (TWM) is directly involved in these captures.

      TWM is a member in good standing of the (JAZA). JAZA is a direct member of WAZA"



      For a comprehensive list of Embassies/Consulates with ambassadors names pls view:

      If your embassy/consulate is not listed please visit: or

      (and please add to the list above)

      Please feel free to tag, share, add to the list and other notes on the page and THANK YOU for choosing to take action! Every positive step taken helps our cetacean friends :) xx