Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sea Shepherd Paul Watson Arrest Day 1

Release Paul Watson

by Steven Thompson
Yesterday, Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson was arrested in Frankfurt by silly Germans for freeing beautiful sharks from corrupt Costa Ricans working for selfish Taiwanese ocean killers.

History is being made. In 7 hours, the German court offices will open. People behind the scenes including European Parliament Vice President Daniel Cohn Bendit and the European deputy Jose Bove have probably been up most of the night negotiating the release of Paul Watson. SSCS Germany will lead with SSCS organized actions. They are waiting to see if he is released in the next 12 hours.

This is a time for those who live in Germany to test their activist skills and put pressure on the puerile Polizei who arrested Paul and those who keep him locked up. Paul went head to head with Taiwanese mafia shark poachers in Costa Rica. That's not a crime. That's cause to receive a Knighthood or an international award.

If you live in Frankfurt, take an emergency day off of work and go to the court house and document this historic moment. Go to the airport and find out who arrested him. Post the names. Get their pictures.

Dig deep! Who in the German immigration and police and judiciary kisses the asses of multi-millionaire Taiwanese shark poachers?

They exposed themselves when they had Paul arrested. Pop them into the light!

Sea Shepherd's goal here is probably to free Paul first. There is nothing stopping independent Sea Shepherd loving activists from working any angle they see. What you uncover and share may be helpful to the future of our planet.

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  1. Why catch someone who did the right thing? When will the people learn about this! Damn! He deserves to be set free.