Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Erwin Vermeulen: Not only legally free

Scott West (L) shakes hands with Erwin Vermeulen
By Steven Thompson
March 6, 2012

Erwin Vermeulen won his case in court two weeks ago on February 22, 2012. Yet one question remained: would the prosecutor exercise her right to appeal? She had two weeks to do so...she waited the full two weeks to announce.

The Wakayama prosecutor's office confirms that Erwin is not only legally free, he is also morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably FREE.

Thank you Erwin for your Dolphin Disobedience. Enjoy your time in America. You deserve it!

Dolphin lovers dance!
Pirates take the chance!
There is still so far to advance.

First, Erwin's lawyers will decide how to advance the case against his accuser for forcing Erwin to be in jail for 64 days based on a lie. This will be news that will be ongoing.

Second, there are still six Cove Guardian volunteers in Taiji getting up every morning facing a large police presence. This may be the year that dolphin lovers occupy year round! But this is far from certain. Please help make it happen. Please donate and earmark for Taiji.

Sea Shepherd Campaign Coordinator, Melissa Sehgal, reports from Taiji today that all killing boat activities are still being monitored everyday. All captive dolphins are also monitored in every location, especially the sick dolphin in the harbor pen, Harbie, being tube fed every day. I hope she is given better medical attention and then freed with all the other dolphins locked up there.

Finally, are you looking to add your effort to the cause? Watch the Cove and contact those responsible for killing the dolphins. Go to Taiji or support someone who can. Thank you all for caring.


  1. Thank you Steven for this one !!
    Awesome news !!

  2. Erwin was innocent, yet lost 64 days of his liberty and was accused of a crime and treated as the criminal. The Accuser is the actual criminal in this case and should therefore be treated as Erwin was. My advice to Erwins legal team is to make an example of this person and detter others from doing the same thing to other SSCS crews and supporters. Show the world that this is a serious campaign and that they will not get away scot free with what they have done to Erwin!!
    Erwin, enjoy your time travelling, you are now internationally getting the message out that needs to be made public knowledge, you have earned recognition as a true warrior and have been an inspiration for many of us! Im sure if the dolphins knew what you have been through and what you are doing to ensure their safety they would make you their no1 man but as that is not possible you will just have to put up with us mere humans doing it for them!! Good luck and much love to you!!
    Thanx Steven, nice one!! :)

    1. Corrected: The dolphin we call Harbie, in the Taiji Harbor Pen has been confirmed to be female. This could be significant.