Monday, October 17, 2011

Your ideas needed to end the Taiji hunt

We support dolphins.

Our Facebook group, TDAG, supports dolphins.

Many organizations support dolphins.

Organizations approach the dolphin hunt issues differently. The reality is that there will always be vast differences of opinion in how to end the hunt.

TDAG members have worked with individuals from at least nine organizations: SSCS, SJD, Eyes On Taiji, WDCS, EIA, Whaleman, Atlantic Blue, Blue Voice, and ELSA. Please get to know these groups. They accept non-profit donations. Get involved more deeply in their work. The leaders and paid to interact with you. They have excellent resources and vast experience. If you have ideas that seem to match their various approaches, we would be happy to introduce you to their representatives.

There are at least four other groups where committed individuals work to end the hunt: Campaign Whale, Ocean Care, AWI, and IDA. We have had positive interaction with them on a more limited basis. Please get to know them too.

They all agree that they want the hunt to end, and yet follow different, sometimes dramatically different, paths.

A goal of TDAG is to give all paths a voice and encourage the development of more by encourage readers to follow their hearts. We are still searching for the way to end the hunt.

Steven Thompson
TDAG Co-Founder

Thanks to Steve Cody, for sparking this post.

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