Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Paul Watson Rumors

Freer by the day!

by Steven Thompson, TDAG
Find Pauldo!  Has he jumped bail?  Is he on the lamb?  Is he saving lambs now?

Rumor has been proven false by German conservationists working behind the scenes.

Paul Watson most certainly did NOT jump bail.

Reading is such fun...rumors fly...the challenge to confirm or deny gives some of us something to do.

Some highly detailed speculation in Costa Rica here by people who could be uncovering the actual criminal finner links instead.

If I had a chance to bet on the case, I'd say the case will fade away by Costa Rican finners' inaction in about 17 days.

Take a vacation! Watch Moby! There is no news!
ERROR CORRECTION: We were wrong. Capt. Paul Watson found it necessary to leave Germany and forfeit his bail money. His current whereabouts are unknown. We wish him happiness, and the best of luck. We will carry on your work!