Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dolphin Defender Trial Update Day 6

By Steven Thompson
Picture Provided by Pilar Posada

 On Wednesday, February 1st...the trial continues with a star witness for the defense having arrived safely today. This person went to great lengths and debate to be here, but shines through, true to dolphins and true to a friend in need. The meeting with the lawyer in Osaka went well and the trip back to Taiji safe. The trial continues at 13:30 (14 hours from now) in Wakayama City District Court. Please keep the witness and Erwin in your prayers.

 A note to the mother of this witness, especially to the spouse of the witness and the families of all here at TDAG who believe the hunt will end and worry about us here. Thank-you for understanding our passion for the dolphins. 

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  1. Erwin, and this good and loving witness, are in my prayers constantly. Will be waiting anxiously for news!